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CLONE - In my private files, the creation of folders can be cancelled by clicking X on the dialog.


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    • Moodle 2.8
    • Moodle 2.8
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      1. Login as a student and go to Navigation > My profile > My private files.
      2. Click 'Create folder' and verify that the create folder dialog is launched.
      3. Click the X on the create folder dialog, then verify that the dialog closes and your changes have not been saved.
      4. Click 'Create folder', enter a folder name and click 'Create'. Verify that the new folder is displayed in the file manager area.
      5. Drag and drop a file onto the file manager, which currently contains the text 'No files attached drag and drop files here to upload them.'
      6. Click Save changes/submit and verify that the files have been uploaded.

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