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CLONE - A teacher can create one book and adjust various settings


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      Test pre-requisites:

      • One course in Moodle.
      • Teacher access to it.
      • Javascript enabled.

      Test steps:

      1. Login as teacher and acces to the course.
      2. Turn edit on.
      3. Pick "Add an activity or resource" in any section.
      4. Test: one dialog is shown with all the available resources and activities.
      5. Click on the "Book" radio button.
      6. Test: one correct description of the book module is shown in the right pane of the dialog.
      7. Click the "Add" button.
      8. Test: One moodle form is show under the heading "Adding a new Book".
      9. Test: At least the following fields are available to be configured: name, summary, display description on course page, chapter numbering and custom titles.
      10. Introduce the following information in the form:
        1. name: "test book"
        2. description: "test book description" (make it bold in the editor).
        3. display description on course page: checked.
        4. chapter numbering: "numbers".
        5. custom tiles: checked.
      11. Click the "Save and return to course" button.
      12. Test: the book with the introduced name is shown in the course page.
      13. Test: Below the name of the activity, the introduced description (bold) is shown.
      14. Click in the activity name.
      15. Test: the browser is redirected to one "Editing chapter" form that allows you to introduce, at least: Chapter title, subchapter and content.
      16. Introduce the following information in the form:
        1. title: "my first chapter".
        2. subchapter: unchecked.
        3. description: any original content you can imagine, with some image.
      17. Click the "Save changes" button.
      18. Test: One page with the contents introduced is shown. The title of the chapter is not shown in the contents.
      19. Test: One the left one block with the title "Table of contents" is shown.
      20. Test: The block has one item, with the number "1" followed by the title entered.
      21. Test: On the right of the item, there are multiple icons: edit, delete, hide and add.
      22. Test: The "Settings" block shows these options at the end: Import from HTML, Print book, Print this chapter, Turn editing off.
      23. Click the "Turn editing off" option in the "Settings" block.
      24. Test: The "Table of contents" now does not show any icon. Only "1" followed by the title.

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