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CLONE - An admin can generate and view all the book log entries


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      Test pre-requisites:

      • One course in Moodle.
      • Admin access to it.

      Test steps:

      1. Login as admin and access to the course.
      2. Turn edit on.
      3. Create one "Book" resource (settings don't matter).
      4. Add 2 chapters to it (titles and contents don't matter).
      5. Edit 1st chapter and modify contents (contents don't matter)
      6. Turn edit off.
      7. Navigate back and forth between the chapters.
      8. In the "Administration" block, click "Print book". Ignore the popup results.
      9. In the "Administration" block, click "Generate IMS CP". Ignore the downloaded file.
      10. In the "Administration" block, click "Logs".
      11. Test: These log actions must be shown, all them showing the title of the book in the information column:
        1. Course module created (1 entry): linking to the book (1st chapter).
        2. Chapter created (2 entries): linking to both the 1st chapter and the 2nd chapter.
        3. Chapter viewed (multiple entries): linking to both the 1st and the 2nd chapters.
        4. Chapter updated (1 entry): linking to the 1st chapter
        5. Book printed (1 entry): causing the print version to be displayed again.
        6. Book exported (1 entry): causing the imscp package to be downloaded again.
      12. Go to the course page and replace the end of the url: "course/view.php?id=XX by "mod/book/index.php?id=XX" (XX being the current numerical id of the test course).
      13. Test: It will show a list with all the book resources in the course.
      14. Go to the "Administration block", Course administration, "Reports", "Logs" and click the "Get these logs" button.
      15. Test there is one "Course module instance list viewed" entry, linking to the url introduced manually 3 steps above ("mod/book/index.php?id=XX").

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