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CLONE - A teacher can set a folder to display contents inline


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      1. As a teacher in a course, create a folder resource.
      2. Add two subfolders into the main folder and in each subfolder add one file, for example a word-processed document and an image.
      3. Choose "Display folder contents on a separate page". Save and display.
      4. Verify that if you click the folder link, the contents appear in a separate page.
      5. Update the folder resource and choose "Display folder contents inline on a course page". Save and display.
      6.Verify that the contents of the folder display inline with both subfolders displaying, but collapsed (ie not showing the included files).
      7. Update the folder resource and tick the box "Show sub-folders expanded". Save and display.
      8. Verify that the contents of the folder display inline with both subfolders expanded (ie, their included contents also showing)
      9. Offline, create a second folder with 2 subfolders, each including one file. Zip it and upload it as a folder resource.
      10. Unzip the folder. Delete the zipped folder.
      11. Repeat steps 3 - 8 and verify the subfolders in this second instance display collapsed and/or expanded as expected.

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