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CLONE - A category manager can create cohorts with a csv file


      This test requires an administrator, one other existing user and a csv file with category cohorts. A file is attached for your use.

      1) As an administrator, create a new category called Science
      2) In this category, go to Administration>Assign roles and assign the role of manager to an existing user.
      3) Log in as this new category manager and access the Science category (for example from .../course/index.php)
      4) Go to Administration>Cohorts and click the Upload cohorts tab.
      5) Upload the attached csv file
      6) Click the 'Default context' drop down and verify you only have the Science category as an option.
      7) Preview and upload.
      8) Verify that the cohorts have been created with the correct details in the Science category.
      9) Log back in as admin and go to Site administration>Users>Accounts>Cohorts and click the 'All cohorts' tab
      10) Verify that you see the newly added cohorts and that they are in the Science category.

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