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A user can add and edit Math equation using ATTO


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      This test requires a course with a forum and for ATTO to be the default editor (in Site administration>Plugins>Text editors>Manage editors)

      1. Log in to Moodle as a user and navigate to an available forum.
      2. Click to add a new discussion and verify you see the ATTO editor
      3. Expand the editor to see all available icons.
      4. Click the equation editor button
      5. Click the advanced tab
      6. Click the square root button
      7. Validate the text \sqrt[a]{b+c} appear in the text area
      8. Save the equation
      9. Save the forum post and verify "square root of b+c is a" in the equation

      Repeat above for:

      Button input expected
      fraction \frac{a}{b+c} a /b+C
      vector \vec{a} a is rendered with an arrow above it
      binomial \binom {a}


      a is over b is rendered inside ()
      bracket {a \brack b} a is over b is rendered inside []
      brace {a \brace b} a is over b is rendered inside {}

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