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CLONE - A teacher can set the number of course sections and the course start date


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      1. Login as a teacher, access a course then in the settings, set the course format to weekly, the number of weeks/topics to 5 and set a course start date in the past.
      2. Check that 5 sections are displayed on the course page (in addition to the section containing the news forum) and that the first week begins with the course start date.
      3. Check that the section for the current week is highlighted.
      4. Go to a course which contains activities in at least 3 course sections.
      5. Edit the course settings and set the number of weeks/topics to 2.
      6. Go to the course page and turn editing on.
      7. Check that the third any any subsequent course sections which contain activities are displayed with the title 'Orphaned activities'.
      8. Turn editing off and check that the sections titled 'Orphaned activities' are now no longer shown.

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