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CLONE - A teacher can add an IMS LTI activity to the course


      1. As a teacher in a course, add an activity "External tool".
      2. Type a name and paste this as the URL: http://lti.tools/test/tp.php
      3. Select "Embed" as the "Launch container".
      4. Save and Display
      5. Ensure that you see a blue page that says: "Could not establish context: Missing oauth_consumer_key in request" (This is expected)
      6. Go back into settings for this activity.
      7. Press "Show more...". Enter "secret" as the 'Shared secret', and "12345" as the 'Consumer key'.
      8. Save and Display
      9. You should see page embedded in Moodle with a lot of "Context Information:" and "Raw POST Parameters:".
      10. View grader report and click on activity "External tool"
      11. You should be redirected to activity view page.

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