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CLONE - An admin can generate one IMS-CP package of a book


      Test pre-requisites:

      • One course in Moodle.
      • Admin access to it.

      Test steps:

      1. Login as admin and access to the course.
      2. Turn edit on.
      3. In the "Settings" block, click on restore.
      4. Restore the backup http://tracker.moodle.org/secure/attachment/28271/test_book_for_qa_20120522.mbz into the course the user is teacher. Don't modify any setting, just use default ones.
      5. Test: One book resource, with title "Test Book for QA".
      6. Access to the restored book.
      7. Test: It shows 4 chapters (1, 2, 3 & 4) and 2 subchapters (3A & 3B).
      8. In the "Settings" block, click the "Generate IMS CP" option.
      9. Test: One file is automatically downloaded. Its name is the name of the book activity ("Test Book for QA.zip").
      10. Unzip the zip file.
      11. Tests: It contains various directories and one imsmanifest.xml file.
      12. Go back to the course page. Add one resource of type "IMS Content Package".
      13. Fill the title and description and upload/pick the downloaded some steps above .zip file.
      14. Click "Save and display".
      15. Test: The IMSCP package is shown. It has the same TOC structure than the original book, and each item (chapter) has the same contents that the original book.

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