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CLONE - A teacher can receive notification of an event they subscribed to


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      This test requires a site where notifications/emails are enabled. For this reason it is not possible to use the QA testing site.

      The test needs a course with a teacher and two students enrolled.

      1) Log in as a teacher and go to a course where you have editing rights.
      2) Upload a file resource and name it 'Course contract'.
      3. Go to Course administration>Reports>Event monitoring rules and create a new rule named Contract, plugin type = File and Select an event =course module viewed. Choose your own description, frequency and notification message template.
      4) Still within the course, go to My profile settings>Event monitoring and subscribe to the rule you made, selecting 'Course contract' from the dropdown.
      5) Navigate to My profile settings>Messaging and verify email is ticked for both online and offline Event monitor subscriptions.
      6) Log in to the course as a student1 and click to download the file resource.
      7) Verify that you receive an email to the teacher's email address with the name of the Event as the subject of the email and the notification message as the body of the email.
      8) Return to My profile settings>Messaging and change your settings to pop up notification.
      9) Log in as student2 and click to download the file resource.
      10) Verify you receive a pop up notification.

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