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CLONE - Teacher can reset wiki pages, comments, tags and files


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      Test Pre-requisites:

      • A Wiki activity.

      Test Steps:

      1. Login as a teacher, access the wiki and click 'New'
      2. Enter page title and click "Create page"
      3. Enter text for page and tags, then press Save
      4. Follow Comments tab and add few comments
      5. Follow files tab. Click 'Edit wiki files'.
      6. Click 'Add' and verify that the file picker is launched.
      7. Select 'Upload a file', choose a file to upload and upload it.
      8. Click 'Save changes' and verify that the files have been uploaded.
      9. Navigate to Reset under "Course administration"
      10. Expand wiki section and select
        • Delete all wiki pages
        • Remove all wiki tags
        • Delete all comments
      11. Ensure wiki pages, tags, comments and files are deleted.

      Extra credit: Try reset with different combination and ensure only specified option data is deleted. (FYI: Files will be deleted if page is deleted.)

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