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CLONE - A teacher can import questions from a file into a lesson activity


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      1. Login as a teacher, turn editing on in a course and add a lesson activity.
      2. Follow the 'Import questions' link.
      3. Try uploading a GIFT format file e.g. http://moodle.org/pluginfile.php/134/mod_forum/attachment/236161/GIFT-examples.zip or others copied from http://docs.moodle.org/en/GIFT.
      4. Preview the lesson activity and check that all the questions are displayed correctly.
      5. Create an essay question in the question bank, include an image in the question text
      6. Export it using both Moodle XML and GIFT formats
      7. Verify that you can import both files in a lesson and the imported essay question can be edited and is working as expected

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