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CLONE - A WYSIWYG criterion description can be added when awarding a badge


      This test requires badges and completion tracking to be enabled in a course with teacher and at least one enrolled student. A badge in the form of a small image file (eg 90x90 pixels) is also required. The one attached here may be used.

      1) As a teacher in a course,navigate to the News forum and set activity completion to be automatic when viewed.
      2) Navigate to Course administration>Badges>Add a new badge
      3) Add a new badge; click Create badge and then add one criterion manual issue by role>Teacher.
      4) On the next page, expand the description and add a description including a hyperlink and some formatted text.
      5) Add a second criterion, for example view News forum. Repeat step 4
      6) Set the criteria to for the badge to be awarded to be "Any" and enable access.
      7) Verify the criteria are not visible on the Manage badges page.
      8) Verify the criteria are visible from Current course>Badges>Course badges.
      9) Change the criterion description for the first criterion.
      10) Repeat steps 7 and 8 and verify the changed criterion description displays.
      11) Award the badge manually to the student.
      12) Log in as the student and go to My profile>My badges. Click on the badge and verify you see the criteria descriptions.
      13) As the student navigate to Current course>Badges>Course badges and verify you see the criteria descriptions there also.

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