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CLONE - A teacher can add an IMS LTI activity with membership to the course


      NOTE: You need admin permissions and public moodle instance to test this issue.

      Create LTI tool registration

      1. As admin follow 'Manage external tool registrations' link under Site administration > Plugins > Activity modules > LTI
      2. Follow "Configure a new external tool registration" and enter
        • Tool provider name = TEST
        • Registration URL = http://lti.tools/test/tp.php
        • Select all options under Capabilities
        • Select all options under Services
      3. Press "Save changes"
      4. Press "Register" icon under action
      5. You should see "IMS LTI Tool Provider: Tool registration emulator"
      6. Select all options under "Enable capabilities"
      7. Select all options under "Tool services" and click "Register tool"
      8. Tool should be registered and you should see it under "Accepted" tab.
      9. Follow "Manage external tool types" link under Site administration > Plugins > Activity modules > LTI
      10. Select "Pending" tab and click on "Accept" icon under action

      Add a LTI activity

      1. As a teacher in a course, add an activity "External tool".
      2. Type a Activity name and select "Test tool provider" for "External tool type"
      3. Save and Display
      4. Ensure that you see a page that says: "IMS LTI tool provider emulator"
      5. Click on "Memberships" icon and then click on "Read" button
      6. Check the JSON in the response to ensure it correctly reports each user enrolled in the course

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