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Moodle features demo course should contain one of each type of question


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      I like the way the questions are currently all about Moodle. I think we should keep that theme.

      I think a good list of questions to cover all the features would be: (Suggested topics in brackets)

      1. Calculated & variants. (Can't immediately think of good questions in the Moodle context.)

      2. Cloze. (How about fill in the gaps - some dropdown, some text box - in of one Martin's 5 laws)

      1. Description. (Introduction to the the following questions in the Moodle quiz)

      2. Essay. (What is your favourite Moodle feature and why?)

      3. Matching. (The existing 1-1 matching about activities, with 1 extra wrong answer, is nice. Create a second to show same answers, for example, classify file, url, forum, wiki and quiz as either activity or resource.)

      4. Multichoice. (We already have a single response question demonstrating embedded media, we need to add a multiple-response question. For example, which of these are standard Moodle blocks? Try to use the overall feedback fields.)

      5. Numerical (How about using one of the numbers off the stats page, for example, in November 2010, how many registered Moodle sites were there. You should use a reasonable tolerance, and give specific feedback for answers that are too low or high, saying guess higher, or guess lower. You may want to add comments in brackets to the question text, so people know to try other guesses to see what happens.)

      (We also need a numerical question with units. How about "How old is Moodle?" requiring units of years, and also accepting an answer in months. That is not great, but it will do.)

      6. Shortanswer (The existing question is OK, but we need some alternate wrong answers with specific feedback - perhaps 'Martin' and 'a cat' with appropriate witty feedback. You should also add a * catch-all answer with appropriate feedback for other guesses. Perhaps add some general feedback that tells people about the other answers they can try to see what happens.)

      7. Truefalse. (The existing example is fine, but you could add some specific feedback to the two choices.)

      Please don't bother with Random short-answer matching. I think it is a silly idea, and with luck I will be able to move it to contrib for 2.1, so don't encourage people to use it.

      By the way, you should ensure that all the features I mentioned above are covered by the question QA tests. That is, for each of these example questions, we should have a QA test that says you can create that example question using the editing from, and then preview it to check that it works, and then edit the definition without it breaking.

      Also, the import/export tests should be refines with a separate test for each important format (GIFT and XML for now, saying which of these questions you should be able to export and then re-import. XML should copy the questions perfectly, GIFT will lose some features, and the test case should tell people what to expect.)

      Thanks for letting me dump this on you Helen.

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