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Simple visual design ways to make tracker.moodle.org more usable


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      The tracker looks really

      1. change the font in textareas from whatever monospaced horror we currently have, back to a nice font.

      2. Make the main text in bugs and comments much blacker.

      3. The whole look is very white-on-white. It is very hard for the eye to focus on the important things. For example, I would suggest:

      a. An orange background behind the Edit, Assign, ... white buttons. (e.g. the colour used between the blocks on moodle.org.)

      b. I think the non-bold orange headings are too pale.

      c. I think separate comments are too hard to distinguish. Would it work to make it visually a bit more like a moodle.org forum thread?

      d. In the All, Comments... tab bar, again it is very white-on-white, so the current tab is not as clear as it could be.

      e. You could also try making the stuff on the right (People, dates) more separate, by making them look more like the Moodle.org blocks.

      4. I like the 'Issue Statistics' widget on my dashboard. However, with the new design, there seems to be a lot of wasted vertical space. If you could make the bars closer together, that would be nice.

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