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      Is there a need for a Source control URL in the Plugin information section if a URL is provided for each version?

      There should a help button that informs uploaders of the expected structure of the zip, or at least refers them to such information. It's obviously a plugin directory, but there will need to be specific files that the Plugins system draws information from. Perhaps these can be specified. Also, in the current M&P there is a lot of inconsistency in provided zips. Some people don't have a folder containing their plugin code, others bury their code several folders deep. (Noted later) Perhaps the information shown when adding a version could be presented as help with the initial zip.

      Is it necessary to have a website link for each version? Perhaps this could become a change-log link. When adding later versions there is no website link.

      If I don't provide a Logo image, a broken image appears in the Plugins list.

      Errors appeared after saving the new plugin. Reported as HQ-24.


      The author's name should be more prominent. Perhaps we can add their photo and a link to their profile. We should look at ways of promoting authors here and perhaps giving an indication of the other contributions, experience, ratings, etc.

      What version do the traffic light indicators in the top-right of the page relate to? Or is this all versions.

      In terms of versions, how do I indicate which version of Moodle the version of my contribution relates to. How is this expressed to people who want to download my contribution. There should be a Moodle version identified with each version of the block uploaded. This could be gathered from $plugin->requires, or from a field indicated with the upload, perhaps we should have both and cross-check.

      For the Docs tab, is this intended to replace documentation in for the contribution? If so, not a bad idea, but how will automatic linking from configuration pages be affected? Perhaps we could continue to link to, or embed a page from there in the tab.

      When I click on the download tab, what version am I downloading? Is it the latest version? How do I know I'm getting the correct version for my Moodle version? Perhaps the tab name should say "Download latest version".

      On the Download tab, the "approved" and "available" terms are not highlighted. This is inconsistent with the other pages.

      Under Installation instructions on the download page, you should refer the downloader to the readme file or documentation for additional setup instructions. You could probably remove "Installation complete!". The word "their" is mispelt.


      Errors were reported with this. Recorded as HQ-26.

      It was good to see the instructions on file conventions here. Adding instructions about the folder structure of the zip would be good.

      Again, there should be a way of indicating what version of Moodle the new version of the plugin relates to.

      What does previous version mean? Some help icons should appear with the this setting.

      What about the other settings that appeared when adding the original version, such as repository links? I think there needs to be the same links here so that people can maintain multiple repository branches for different versions.

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