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Find a method of redirecting from the old system to the new if appropriate


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      I've just been talking to Anthony, it would be great if there were a way to redirect from the old system to the new system if the user attempts to view a plugin within the old system that has already been added to the new.
      After thinking about this I think the following would be the best way around this:

      1. Add a field to the local_contrib_plugins table for oldpluginid.
      2. Allow contributors + admins to set that field when creating/editing.
      3. Create a hack for moodle.org/mod/data/view.php so that:
        1. If its the modules and plugins database
        2. and a valid plugin id was provided
        3. and the local_contrib_plugins table exists
        4. and there is a record where oldpluginid == plugin id.
        5. Then redirect to view the plugin in the new system.

      This would of course require a hack in moodle.org to deal with this and as moodle.org isn't running GIT yet would require as few changes as possible.

      Once we have the system up on moodle.org I'll create this hack and add the appropriate field so that we can start working on things.

      Marina please leave this one for me

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