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Add ADL test courses to QA site



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      Following on from the work Mayank did with the SCORM Test Harness GSOC project I'd like to add the ADL test courses to a site that is rebuilt with latest code on a regular basis so we can run the automated Test harness during the weekly QA process to ensure nothing has broken compliance.

      It makes sense (to me) to add this to the qa.moodle.net site but if there's any resistance to this I'm happy to look at another option.

      There's a bit involved to setting this up but the first step is to install the 1.2 course on the preferrered site - the 1.2 course is a lot simpler and only has 2 packages for testing.
      Here's a 2.2 backup that contains the 1.2 course I'd like to add:

      We also need 2 student user accounts created on the QA site for the test harness to use - see here for info on the 2 users required:
      It's important that these users have the username, firstname and lastname as specified on that page - all other vars can vary - (Ideally I'd like to keep the password semi-private and prevent teachers/managers on qa.moodle.net from using login as to proxy as these users if poss)

      Once we've got the test harness up and running with the 1.2 tests on the QA site I'll see if we can do the same with the 2004 tests (there are a lot more of these)

      Is this possible? - does it make sense? - any questions?


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