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Enable spam to be deleted at the click of a button



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      Following on from Martin's comment in MDL-29067, it would be great if we could have a block on each user profile page containing a 'Delete all content from this user' button which when clicked would check

      1. Whether the first access date/account creation date is less than 1 month ago
      2. The number of forum posts, comments and personal messages sent by the user

      Re. 1. we'd assume that spammers have a newly created account, so checking the first access date would be a way of safeguarding accidental deletion of content.

      If the first access date was more than a month ago, the following message could be displayed:

      'The first access date of this account is more than 1 month ago and so the content from this user cannot be deleted.'

      If the first access date was less than a month ago, the following message could be displayed:

      'You are about to delete

      x forum posts
      y comments
      z personal messages

      and block the account of Sidney Spammer.'

      with a continue button.

      Clicking on the continue button would delete the content, set the account authentication method to 'No login' and add 'Spammer - account blocked' with a date stamp to the description field.

      Re. deleting forum posts, an alternative would be to blank them and insert the phrase 'Content removed by a moderator' with a date stamp. This would avoid the problem of orphaned posts (when users have replied to spammers).


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