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Make it possible to move contributions to other language packs



    • Type: New Feature
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      Contributions end up occasionally in the wrong language pack. It would be nice if they could be moved to an other language pack.
      My approach is to set the default language correct for the language pack maintainer, but for contributors I can't, because I can not know who that is and which language they want to contribute to.

      Testing instructions

      1. Currently, only David, Helen and Koen (as the AMOS managers and site administrators) have the permission to change language of a contribution. Log in as either of them.
      2. Locate a contribution you want to convert.
      3. TEST: Make sure there is a new "Not a correct language?" help pop-up with the instructions on how to change the language.
      4. TEST: Choose a new target language and press the "Convert" button.
        1. A new contribution (copy) is created (with a new #id)
        2. The text like "Converted from #xxx by yyy" is appended into the contribution message in the new contribution.
        3. The new contribution is in the "New" state regardless the state of the original contribution.
        4. The new contribution has no assignee regardless the state of the original contribution.
        5. No automatic notifications are sent. You are supposed to explain the situation via a new comment (this comment is sent as a notification) in both contributions and typically, you will want to "Reject" the original one.
      5. TEST: Make sure that when logged-in as any other user (can be a lang pack maintainer ro just an ordinary contributor), when looking at the contribution page:
        1. There is still the help-popup but with another text that recommends to contact us via e-mail.
        2. There is no button to convert the contribution.
      6. TEST: Try to play with the new feature for a while in various scenarios, if possible, to make sure it behaves as expected.


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