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      Demonstration sites

      Our demonstration sites enable you to explore Moodle as a teacher, student or even an administrator. Don't worry about making a mess, as both sites are reset to a clean state every hour.

      ► Mount Orange School
      ► Demonstration site


      ...speaking over 78 laguages... - change link to



      The main development of Moodle is led by the core team at, helped by hundreds of other developers around the world. Many of these developers are also directly responsible for various modules and plugins.

      ► Developer credits
      ► General developer forum
      ► Developer meetings

      Developer documentation

      The bulk of our documentation is in Moodle Docs - including specifications, brainstorms, procedures, standards and user guides.

      ► Developer documentation
      ► Moodle Roadmap

      Moodle Tracker

      All development issues (such as bugs, new features and improvements) are recorded and managed in the Moodle Tracker. You can see who is working on what, and contribute to any conversation. You should search in the tracker first if you are trying to find out about specific issues, and please make sure you vote on the issues you most want to see fixed, as your votes help determine development priorities.

      ► Moodle Tracker
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      Open source code

      ► Browse our source code
      ► Moodle standard packages
      ► Plugins


      Moodle standard packages

      Our main method of distribution is via these standard core packages. They contain a number of modules that are maintained by core developers, and are convenient for installing on nearly any platform where you have PHP and a database already installed.

      ► Moodle standard packages

      Other ways to get Moodle include [[Git for Administrators|downloading via Git]] or [[CVS for Administrators|downloading via CVS]].

      Language packs

      ► Language packs

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