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      1. Post in Lounge (Mary) and design forum (Helen) to inform everyone
      2. Move all Lounge discussion threads into new Lounge forum in Using Moodle
      3. Hide the Lounge course
      4. Create redirects for and to the new Lounge forum
      5. Remove Lounge link from and

      I guess it would be a good plan to test the move first on the clone site.

      Some things to consider:

      Looking at scales

      it seems that both the Lounge and Using Moodle have custom cool scales. I tried making the Lounge custom cool scale into a standard scale but found that I couldn't. Anyway, all Lounge posts when moved need to somehow keep their cool ratings.

      The Lounge also has an experimental redirect scale which is apparently used, though I've not found out where. Any posts rated with this scale do NOT need to keep their ratings when moved.

      Regarding forum subscription, let's go for the simplest solution and just inform everyone that they need to re-subscribe to the Lounge after it has been moved, rather than trying to keep subscription data in the move.

      There are a few Lounge legacy course files Perhaps we could keep lounge2.jpg in the Lounge forum introduction and delete the rest? (I don't know where they are used.)

      There used to be a multimedia Jukebox glossary (used together with a random glossary entry block) but I don't know where it went.

      Anything else we need to consider?

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