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One-click install button for direct installing plugins to Moodle 2.5


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      This is the expected process that should happen once this is complete.

      steps 1 - 5 will be implemented here in this issue.


      1. Install button on top of page (uses preferred version if set, otherwise goes to download versions page?)
      2. Install links on every version in download page
      3. User preferences for Moodle site URLs. Allow multiple sites.
      4. Clicking install takes you to page listing existing sites. Can delete any there, or add a new one.
      5. Clicking on any site in the list sends you to (example URL) http://yoursite.com/admin/installplugin.php?plugin=xxxxx_xxxx&version=yyyyyyy


      1. Admin login is required before anything happens.
      2. This script initiates the download and installation, similar to upgrades.
      3. Consider backporting to 2.4? Including what it will look like to people on 2.4.0 which won’t support installing.

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