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Rethinking subject selection




      The structure of subjects is taken from the educational statistics category system in Australia and based on a UNESCO category scheme with some local changes. During several tests and discussions we see that this concepts doesn't work in other regions well.

      Actually hub searching is not a meta search about several hubs. We suggest to make a major change in this concept.

      Here's our idea:

      • the structure of subjects can be redefined on hub level
      • if a teacher starts searching he selects at first a hub he wants to do the search.
      • a new pages opens and loads the subject structure from the remote hub system
      • the teacher selects a subject or better multiple subjects
      • the search is started on the remote hub system.

      We think this makes it much more usable.

      On a first view this requires several changes:

      Community finder block

      • Hub selection and search form are on different pages
      • Subject list is loaded from remote hub system while search form is opened.

      May be it makes sense to think about other fields also.

      Hub plugin:

      • the default subject structure is the existing one.
      • there is an option to upload a local subject structure from XML file and to replace the default structure.

      If a teacher uploads a course the course should be connected to different edufield subjects. In educational statistice its required to have a related to exact one topic for a course. In course content seach we need a relation to several topics often for acourse. Lots of courses are related to a subject like history 18th century, Europe, teacher training and some social skills.
      Actually its not possible to select more than one item.




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