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Clarify Completer badge criteria for Teaching with Moodle course


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      Initially it was planned that criteria for obtaining the "completer badge" for the Teaching with Moodle course should be very easy to obtain -just a handful of simple criteria. The thinking was that this would demonstrate to newcomers how badges work but give them more time to focus on learning how to use Moodle in their own course creation activities. So currently suggested criteria are;

      • post in introduction forum
      • add entry to glossary or database
      • share your course URL in forum
      • do the final summative quiz
      • complete the final feedback.

      HOWEVER - since activity completion is active for all activities now on the course, do people consider it would be better to set ALL activities completed as criteria for the completer badge? Some of the activities could still be manual completion. Or should we leave it as is with simple criteria?

            marycooch Mary Cooch
            marycooch Mary Cooch
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