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Create a small report page with live statistics about the site


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      This could be a report, a local plugin or just a script learn.moodle.net/stats/index.php

      Some useful stats off the top of my head:

      • Total Enrolments in the course
      • Distribution of students by country
      • Graph of enrolments over time
      • Graph of total number of USERS (not visits) accessing site each day
      • Total number of sandbox courses created
      • Distribution graph of number of activities per sandbox <5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20 ... etc
      • Total Number of forums, resources, books, quizzes, questions, etc

      Please add more here if you think of them.

      These will be useful for news during the rest of the course, as well as for the reports after and infographics etc.

            mudrd8mz David Mudrák (@mudrd8mz)
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