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Moodle.org - Using Moodle - Create CONTRIB Section?


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      Martin - I'm beginning to wonder if modules like feedback and questionnaire that are not part of Moodle core should be placed under a special section to make clear that these are 3rd party contributions. I think the greater clarity we can provide the better.
      As I've been working on the CONTRIB stuff I've been wondering if we would be better having it separated out a little.

      Another question has to do with access. If we create a CONTRIB section in the Using Moodle course, would it be better to have Helen create a new forum for new contributions (modules, blocks, etc.) or easier to give me access to create them. In particular, I'm thinking of the tracker module that has recently been added. I think having separate forums for these in a designated section of the course would facilitate communication. As much as possible I would like to see that we have consistency and a forum for each block and module.

      Peace - Anthony

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