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update the moodle.net logo as moodle.net contains both downloadable content and registered site stats



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      through the course of MDLSITE-2300, we've decided (and almost about) to move moodle.org/


      pages to be served by moodle.net .
      Before this change though, it would be worthwhile to reconsider the moodle.net site logo.

      At the moment the logo contains a slogan that reads 'courses & content'. I think this might have to be updated to reflect that moodle.net also is a moodle hub (central for registrations and moodle site statistics).

      Perhaps it is not so important, as moodle sites do also contain courses which links up to the slogan. However, the fact that it is a hub and can show site links because it is the moodle hub may be important to people who want to know that this is how their possible moodle registration shows up and contributes to statistics.

      So this issue is for considering adding and promoting the 'hub' term and understanding of it.

      possibly via the moodle.net logo's slogan ?

      for further reference to back this need up, compare our statistics on registrations to:


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