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Make some aspects of the AMOS UI configurable via user preferences



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      There has been two things reported recently that could be addressed via user preferences in AMOS.

      1. The new UI (that came with upgrade to 2.7) hides the "Missing and outdated translations only" setting from the filter form. Some users (including koen) argue that this should be checked by default. I'm not sure about it as it can easily confuse newcomers ("No strings found"). So let's make it configurable user preference (implemented as a custom profile field - checkbox).

      2. tsala mentioned there are people who contribute en_fix string by mistake while they really want to contribute strings for their language (e.g. recent contributions #9464, #9438, #9234 and others). There is a plan to implement a feature that would allow change the language of contributed strings (credit goes to Koen for the idea). Beside that (and until it happens), I believe it could also help if users could choose default language for the AMOS Translator tool independently on the preferred Moodle UI language. That would also allow some people (including myself) to have the preferred language set to English while contribute to another language (such as Czech in my case) by default. Again, I propose to implement this as a new custom profile field - menu with language selector).


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