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CiBoT commit limit should be raised to 100 for in-progress branches


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      If my understanding is correct, the purpose of the 'no more than 15 commits' heuristic is to try to ensure the branch has been rebased properly.

      However, there is a better way to do that:

      git merge-base master branch_name

      will tell you which commit was the point where branch_name separated from master, and

      git show -s --format=%ci `git merge-base master origin/MDL-43089`

      will get you the date of that commit.

      Verifying that

      git log --oneline ^master origin/MDL-43089 | wc

      gives the same output as

      git log --oneline --no-merges ^master origin/MDL-43089 | wc

      Will confirm that the branch is a simple branch.

      Really, I just wanted CiBoT output for MDL-43089, to see where we were at.

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