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Reorganize a good number of key pages of the dev docs



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      Dev docs refactor


      Everytime I go looking for information (about a process, detail, policy rule)... or trying to document some agreed policy or process I end looking randomly/undecided over a bunch of pages, all them having mixed information, namely:

      And surely it also applies to other pages (triaging, peer review, security, strings deprecation...).

      Not to talk about the categories used for every page, it's really inconsistent and not useful at all.

      So I really feel that now it's the moment to stop spreading the information so randomly and plan a reorganization.

      These are some of the goals I can imagine:

      • Needs to be immersive, global => detail.
      • Needs to be correctly grouped (all coding-style together, all policy issues together, all the process-roles/steps together). have good categories. Consider using namespaces for main topics (Policy/Coding Style/Process Step...).
      • Every group must have a "shuttle" page (or alternatively a good category page).
      • Interlinking between pages highly encouraged. See also section only within own group.
      • Avoid duplicating information. Source should use just one line to link to the page really containing the information.
      • Existing links should continue working or, at least, provide an easy to find link (one more click) to find the information under the new structure.

      Those are my basic (ideal) requirements. In any case, this should start with a research of what we have and where it is right now, and from that, plan the overall new structure & groups (categories). And only then... start moving content.

      I've created this as an EPIC to facilitate the creation of related tasks...

      My 2 cents, ciao


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