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      I'm not sure what would be involved, but I think it might be worth doing just for the the coolness factor - to have live or nearly live statistics for the number of registered users. Knowing that we have cleared 400,000 registered users, I feel like we are missing something when we have on the front page that it is only over 330,000. I don't want someone to have to update this manually. It would be better if we could have it done automagically. Similarly, we should be able to get a language and country count as well and perhaps the number of registered (and approved) Moodle sites.

      Currently the Moodle Community section reads:

      Moodle has a large and diverse user community with over 330,000 registered users on this site alone, speaking over 70 languages in 196 countries (we have more statistics here). The best place to start is Using Moodle, which is where the main international discussions are held in English, but we have a variety of groups discussing other topics and in other languages.

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