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Way to automate or script plugin archives updates into Moodle plugin base




      Hi all

      while we are having more and more power tools to test and validate, thus raising trustability of our plugins, it would be soooo great we could complete a fully integrated code providing process by scripting the update of plugins archives, push new versions and submit new plugin material using a script API.

      Ideally it might directly retreive code in Github but some processing should be done on package name, such as reading version file and extracting the folder name. I'm not sure i remember that is has been proposed for a short time, but there was a mismatch in the package construction, that is, guthub should contain the immediate code of the plugin at root level (for travis-ci integration chain to worl properly), but the github puller was asking having the code in a named dir. Now this seems to be quitte old stuff...

      I would of course be one of the lead consumer of this ability, having around 130 contribs/plugins now on the way of being validated in 5 branches each. This now asks me about 650 submission and package updates to do, sometime several times a month, obvioulsy impossible to do unless i can script and trigger version update uploads.

      What would you think about it ?

      In mypoint of view it would be a huge time saved and thus much more time affected in Unittest or Behats and in documentation.


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