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How to keep School demo course overview and prediction models always up to date


      http://school.demo.moodle.net/ is useful for giving people a view of a working site populated with courses and students. Previously the dashboard worked well with the old course overview block which could show enrolled courses, unread forum posts and assignments due etc.

      It is less easy to make it look good with the new course overview block since much depends on dates. It is difficult to show activities for the next seven and thirty days.  It seems there are three options:

      1. Set dates for activities and accept that they will become "overdue" 
      2. Set dates a year in the future and accept that they will be "future" for 11 months
      3. Manually change some dates every month so there is always something current.

      Option 3 is possible, but is it a sensible use of time every month?

      Is there anything we can do, for example, in the database, somehow to automatically change dates on a regular basis?

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