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Completely unusable orphaned linked accounts - unable to merge / unlink / re-confirm



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      So I was trying out the linked logins with moodle.org 

      I have an existing account which uses my work email, and I clicked login via Google which logged me in via my personal gmail account and made a new account. No big deal.

      However that email either never arrived, got spammed or something.

      So now I'm completely stuck. Ideally I want to login to my existing manual moodle.org account and manually link to my gmail account. However when I go to linked logins preference page and try to add Google then I get this error message:
      This external account is already linked to an account on this site
      But if I logout and then try to login using my Gmail account then I get this error:
      This account is pending email confirmation.
      So now my whole gmail account is borked. I can't tell it to re-send the confirmation email. I can't login to the new account to unlink gmail or delete the account completely. I cannot merge the two accounts. And I can't link the correct account with gmail.
      So solution I think should be a bunch of core trackers: * If you try to login and the account is pending, then have an option to re-send the email

      • If a external account is pending, and you try to link it to another existing moodle account, then it should accept this and the first account loses out.



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