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Consider sharing raw plugin usage statistics



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      There is a lot of information regarding how plugins are used that can be useful for developers. A recent additional was the plugin's database displaying where a plugin is used across Moodle versions. That is invaluable for developers to decide what versions to keep supporting!

      I imagine that Moodle.org holds a lot more information than it displays, and that is perfectly acceptable considering that visitors do not care about the details. However, I would like to suggest that this plugin's usage statistics data is open sourced, to follow the same spirit as Moodle itself.

      Here are examples of information I would like to get from the statistics:

      • Spread of use of my plugins across its own version
      • Estimating how long it takes for sites to migrate to a newer version
      • Geographic repartition of use of the plugin
      • Statistics about the sites using them (for the registered ones)

      And more.

      Alternatively, if there is some resistance as to share this information publicly with the world, I would suggest sharing it with the plugin's maintainers to start with as inherently they are the ones who will make the most use of it.




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