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Consider automating the reopening of issues missing feedback after X time



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      Often, when an issue is under integration and there are some points, questions, discussion to perform... it happens that there is a lack of response from the assignee.

      That leads to issues under current integration for long periods, interfering with other issues that should continue advancing normally.

      While we really think that to perform some interaction while the issue is under integration is a good thing (instead of automatic reopening issues)... we need to put some limits to that, because cannot be revisiting the same issue X times neither keep it under current integration for weeks.

      So this is about to define some change in the process enabling us to get automated reopen of issues (by CiBoT) when some conditions happen.

      • Conditions: X time (fixed) since the issue is awaiting for feedback. Any update to the issue will stop the automatic reopening.
      • When: When the integrator has decided (opt-in) to start the "counter". The counter can be started by different procedures.
        • or we create a hidden field to enable the counter, with a date.
        • or we create a specific new transition from "integration in progress" to "integration in progress (awaiting)"

      So, TODO:

      1) Decide X (the time given before reopening).

      2) Decide how to start the "counter".

      3) Implement it.

      And basically that is.




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