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Job to programatically delay issues and raise their priority on weekly release



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      Whenever we are ready to roll weeklies... there may be some issues that, by different causes, have not been processed at all along the week by integrators.

      Currently, those issues are kept into current integration, just waiting for next week to be picked. This has some problems:

      a) Next week, they don't get any special priority, so new issues arriving to integration may get precedence. Right now we workaround that by manually (bulk action) raising their integration priority (that ensures they will be high next cycle).

      b) The counting of delayed issues is not accurate, because we have not delayed those issues. So, often, we add them manually (when we remember to) to the counters sheet (and integration exposed entries).

      This is a proposal to automate / improve a) & b) above:

      1) create a new job @ jenkins that will:

      • get all the issues under current integration still awaiting.
      • automatically, add the standard delayed message to them
      • raise their integration priority to 1
      • (optionally) move them out from current integration. I feel it's better to move them out, so they will receive the rebase message later and CiBoT will process them again.

      2) add a new step to the mdlrelease process, about to execute 1) when rolling weeklies (not in continuous).

      3) Bonus... the counting of delayed issues will be way more accurate/real. Right now we aren't counting those issues.

      Note this doesn't touch issues which integration is already in progress, those are for the integrator in charge to decide about delaying, raising priority, sending out from current... this only applies to issues that have not been progressed (still awaiting).





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            stronk7 Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)
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