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Theme regressions after 3.7 update




      In the Italian Community I've found the following issues which could affect the English (and others communities) too:

      1. The subject is always prefixed with "Re: " on each reply while in the past this was following the proper language string avoiding this annoying issue - Guessing this is an Italian only issue
      2. HTML <blockquote/> is no longer honored in view e,g, https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=386543#p1560096. This is a great regression when playing w/ crafted HTML responses
      3. The new quick reply adds several DIV not removed when moving to the "advanced" view: I'd expect p replacing div on going to the advanced mode
      4. I know TinyMCE support will be dropped but someone - e.g. me - is still using it: small fonts on editing are back (a regression since MDL-60815 and MDL-60588)
      5. Reply button is missing when not authenticated: in the past that was a quick shortcut to reply including quick jump to authentication. Now I need to be always authenticated


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