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One at a time - Policy issues



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    • One at a time - Policy issues


      Over the last years, a bunch of policy issues related to Moodle Core development have been created, covering many different aspects, coding style, dos and don'ts, trends…

      While many of them have been discussed and, ultimately, agreed, becoming part of both Moodle’s PHP coding style (or other, associated styles, say JS, CSS, accessibility…) and various checks (CiBoT, unit & acceptance testing, post-checks…), there are a lot of pending issues that never got traction and because of that, are not officially defined/enforced.

      This epic will collect all the approved candidate issues and processed/decided issues in the "One at a time" procedure to allow some of those policy issues to progress and get a final, well defined, outcome.

      Anybody having interesting candidates is welcome to create them and then comment in this Epic* about them (please don't add/link issues). Once the suggested issues are mature enough and advance in the prioritized queue... only then... they will be added here for the final discussion and decision phase.


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