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Revise and update the Moodle.org account confirmation email



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      The email new users receive is long and out of date. It also includes a link to the support email we are trying to remove. (See linked issue) We need to revise its contents and update them. Email is reproduced below:
      Hi Temp Test,

      A new account has been requested at the Moodle community forums using your email address.

      If this was not you then you can ignore this email and no account will be created.

      If it was you then please confirm your new account here:


      The Moodle forums are the main place to get support from the community, share ideas and meet other users and developers in a variety of languages.

      Helpful answers are the heart of this community and you will usually receive responses to your questions fairly quickly. However, before posting please try searching and take a look at the Moodle documentation.

      If you need custom support or a commercial support contract, you can contact one of our Moodle Partners who offer support along with many other services including hosting, integration and training.

      As well as support forums, there are a number of other Moodle community sites:

      Moodle Docs: This is our wiki-based documentation on how to use and develop Moodle. You can find quick guides and step-by-step instructions for many features on various Moodle versions and in multiple languages.

      Moodle.net: Where the community shares courses and content here including quiz questions and user interface tours.

      MoodleCloud: Get your own limited version of the latest Moodle for free - all you need is a mobile number to sign up.

      Moodle Translations: You can use Moodle in over 100 languages thanks to the work of the community translators on this site. We hope you can join us!

      Moodle Tracker: Every new feature and bug report is entered into this database, so that you can follow the current status and discussions about it, and also contribute to solving problems and creating new features.

      Demo sites: We provide a few different demo sites with data in them so you can explore the latest Moodle. The sites reset every hour (on the hour) so you don't need to worry about breaking anything.

      Kind regards,

      Moodle Support

      Moodle - the world's open-source learning platform
      moodle.org | moodle.com


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