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Add accessibility check as part of the peer review process


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      Policy: Optional accessibility check

      If a patch introduces a change on the front end, an optional accessibility check can be done during peer reviews.

      This item has been added to the Peer review checklist.

      In the spirit of keeping accessibility in mind during the development process, in cases where a patch affects the user interface, peer reviewers should make sure to check the accessibility impact of the patch.
      Some quick checks that can be included:

      1. Does it pass automated accessibility checks? (e.g. via axe or WAVE)
      2. Does it generate valid HTML? (e.g. checked via Nu HTML validator)
      3. Can you successfully navigate through the interface via keyboard?
      4. If you're using a screen reader (e.g. ChromeVox, NVDA, JAWS), are the UI components being properly announced?

      This will also raise awareness about accessibility among the devs and help us all upskill in terms of web accessibility.


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