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AMOS does not show line break HTML tags in the original string anymore


      I just came across this flaw which was at least not there before the big AMOS relaunch recently.

      Steps to reproduce:

      Expected result:

      • The line break HTML tag is shown as plain HTML tag within the original string and it will be up to the translator to copy it over to the translated string.

      Actual result:

      • The line break is shown as line break within the original string:
      • The translator can't see the HTML tag behind the line break and won't be able to exactly replicate the original string structure into the local language.


      • You can argue if this change is an improvement or a regression. It's especially a fact that HTML tags are discouraged in Moodle strings.
      • Howerver, I would still assess this as a regression as several strings still contain HTML tags nowadays and it should be possible for translators to translate them as exact as possible, without introducing layout flaws into the local language packs.

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