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Add button "Mark as up-to-date" to AMOS Translator for translation contributors



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      This issue has an overlap with MDLSITE-5572, but I still create a separate issue as I do not see a browser-specific issue.

      The AMOS translator in its current version lacks a "Mark as up-to-date" button just as admins have it in the Moodle language customization.

      Steps to reproduce:

      • Log into AMOS
      • Pick an arbitrary plugin and language pack from which you know that an english string has changed recently but which does not need a translation update. This especially applies to typo fixes, grammar fixes or other minor language improvements while the translated string is already perfectly correct
      • Check the 'missing and outdated strings only' option
      • Click 'Search strings'

      Expected result:

      • In the right column, there is a "Mark as up-to-date" button which lets you mark a string as up-to-date
      • When you submit the changes to the maintainer and when the maintainer approves the changes, the string is marked as up-to-date
      • The next time you visit AMOS translator, this string is not listed in the 'missing and outdated strings only' filter anymore and is shown with a green background.

      Actual result:

      • In the right column, there isn't a "Mark as up-to-date" button
      • I also don't see any other possibility to mark a string as up-to-date. I just can make a minor modification to the translation to turn the string to a blue background and then revert this change.
      • When I submit such changes to the maintainer, this often does not have any effect.
      • The next time I visit AMOS translator, this string is still listed in the 'missing and outdated strings only' filter and is shown with a yellow background.

      With regard to MDLSITE-5572, I do not see any browser-specific issue. The problem appears for me in Firefox and Chrome and I also do not see any buttons or widgets in the HTML code:


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