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      Suggestions as follows, with comments in brackets. Please feel free to use some and ignore the rest, also to change forum names back The only thing I feel really strongly about is never using the words 'Click here' (for accessibility reasons).

      About – About Moodle overview
      What is Moodle? – Moodle Docs - About Moodle
      Statistics – Statistics on Moodle sites, community growth and Moodle downloads
      Demonstration site – Moodle site for exploring as a teacher, student or admin

      News – News overview (currently missing, as News and Recent news are the same)
      Recent news – Moodle and announcements (btw I changed the forum name from Moodle Announcements to Moodle News as I found it confusing to have 'Announcements' in the forum title and 'News' in the navigation bar)
      Security news – Security announcements (btw I changed the forum name from Security Announcements to Security News)
      Planet Moodle – Blog entries and status info from Moodle developers
      Moodle Buzz – Moodle news and publications from around the world
      Calendar – Upcoming Moodle conferences and other Moodle-related events

      Support – Support overview
      Documentation – Moodle Docs wiki
      Forums – Moodle course links (sorry I still can't get used to calling courses forums!)
      Books and manuals – Books written by Moodle community members (I suggest the link text is shortened from 'Books and manuals' to just 'Books')
      Commercial services – Services offered by Moodle Partners

      Community – Community overview
      Forums – Moodle course links (sorry I still can't get used to calling courses forums!)
      Events – Calendar and conference centre links
      Registered sites – Moodle sites country listings
      Connected sites – Moodle networked sites listing (I'd still prefer the link text to be 'Networked sites' rather than 'Connected sites')
      Moodle Jobs – Database of Moodle-related jobs offered and wanted
      Recent participants – user pictures (a fun page, but not important enough to be included in a dropdown menu IMO)
      Donations – Paypal link for donating to Moodle

      To be continued...

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