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Deprecation policy does not detail what to do with deprecated classes for final deprecation


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      Policy summary

      For the initial deprecation of a class:

      • Add @deprecated tag on class level PHPDoc block
      • Add @deprecated tag on the PHPDoc block of all public methods
      • Add debugging on all of the public methods

      And for the final deprecation of a class, it must be completely removed.


      The Deprecation policy (https://docs.moodle.org/dev/Deprecation#Step_1._Immediate_action) is very outdated and it does not state what to do with a class which has been finally deprecated.

      The options are really:

      1. remove them
      2. make them throw an exception but keep them around
      3. something else I haven't thought of

      I'd prefer the first option of removing them, but we should probably stay in keeping with the global function section of the Deprecation policy which states that a function should throw an Exception.

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