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      Hi Aurelie
      We’re looking forward to having you in the Partner Monthly Meeting tomorrow. 

      For the reference, the main session at the meeting tomorrow will be with Chris Brown, head of our legal team, about trademark infringement, particularly wrong logos being used or logos being used by non-partners etc.

      He’s brought to my attention that on Moodle.org the old incorrect Moodle logo is being used on this Moodle page. I believe you are in charge of this great new site. 

      It’s really important that we change that logo to the correct Moodle logo as a matter of urgency today please, as if the partners see this and bring it up as a discussion point in our trademark infringement conversation, we will lose credibility in our requests for Moodle partners to use the log correctly.

      Could I also ask you to know as soon as it’s updated today so that I can feed this back to Chris?

      Many thanks Aurelie,


      I'm sorry but I can't rush my team to update this today if it's raised only today. I only have one developer working today. We're a tiny team. They have other tasks ongoing and can't drop everything last minute. I do apologise. 

      I do understand the importance of it, but I will raise a JIRA ticket and prioritise it asap. I cannot guarantee it will be fixed before tomorrow's meeting, however. We'll do our very best to prioritise it.

      In future, please do create a JIRA issue under 'community sites' with the link to the page concerned by the change needed. 

      I'm going to try and find where this image comes from and we're going to have to seek the correct logo file too. Do you have the updated file or a link to it, please?

      Hi Aurelie, please ask Marketing for the correct Moodle logos. 

      Normally I would raise a Tracker for it, but due to the urgency of it and the fact that Chris has brought this to my attention ahead of the Partner Monthly meeting I am raising this with you directly, as I don't want it to get lost in Tracker.

      I see that Chris also raised this in the Moodle HQ All Hands forum on Friday. Did you perhaps not see the message there?




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