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      The Moodle Coding Style (MCS) states:

      Function names should be simple English lowercase words, and start with the[ Frankenstyle|https://moodledev.io/general/development/policies/codingstyle/frankenstyle] prefix and plugin name to avoid conflicts between plugins. Words should be separated by underscores.

      PSR-12 states:

      Method names MUST be declared in camelCase().

      Required decision: Keep the MCS naming convention or adopt the PSR-12 recommendation?

      Possibly a first pass would be to keep the Frankenstyle prefix as it’s required in many places?

      MCS: https://moodledev.io/general/development/policies/codingstyle#functions-and-methods 

      PSR-1: https://www.php-fig.org/psr/psr-1/#43-methods 

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