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Purge users plugin: CLI script to remove deleted users


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      Following the Inactive User Deletion Policy defined in MDLSITE-7097, a plugin will remove the accounts of users that signed up for 6 months and have no activity in moodle.org.

      There are over 1,000,000 records of deleted users in the user table. Most of them do not have any content on the platform, so removing their records and the associated records in other tables should be safe. However, caution is still advised when dealing with the user table.

      To address this issue, the plugin will implement a CLI script to move these records from the user table to a backup table. This will make it easy to roll back if any errors arise during the process. The backup table will be designed to store all relevant information from the user table, so nothing important will be lost in the process.

      Once the records have been successfully moved to the backup table, the user table will be much leaner and more efficient. This will improve overall database performance and make it easier to manage user records going forward.

      Repository for the development: https://github.com/vmdef/tool_purgeusers

            vmdef Victor Déniz Falcón
            vmdef Victor Déniz Falcón
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